Individual Pocket Spring Thermostatic hydrophilic Rexcool Memory Foam Mattress

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Firmness: Medium Hard

Inner Material: Individual Pocket Spring System
Quilting Material: Coolux Foam
Style: Pillow Top Design

● High quality heavy knitted fabric, gives a natural feel and an added touch of performance.
● Double sewing quilted euro pillow top, give extra soft and lasting comfort, it support and disperse body weight & prevents body impression.
● Advanced comfortable material on top – “coolux foam”, contours and cradles every part of your body allowing you to get into your most comfortable position naturally, it draws heat away from our body and keep the entire night wrested.
● Individual pocket spring arranged in honeycomb pattern, offers superior support for great comfort & minimize disturbance to partner.
● Four sides with 9 cm high density foam box encased, can not touch the spring system and reinforced the mattress edge for excellent support & Maximize use of mattress space.
● High quality anti-skid polyester fabric on the bottom of mattress, to ensure a good restful sleeping.

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Dimensions 178 x 198 x 29 cm