9 zones special cutting foam with gel memory foam mattress.

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Sleeping feeling: Medium soft
Quilting Material: Gel memory foam
Style: Movable fabric cover with zipper design

  • -High quality heavy knitted fabric on top, gives a natural feel and an added touch of performance.
    -The quilting topper with a zipper, can be movable, keep the mattress clean and healthy.
    -Comfort gel memory foam provides good sleeping feeling, support for our body by distributing weight across the surface. It also conforms to our body and keep our spine in natural alignment.
    -9 zones special cutting high density foam, fully support every part of our body, provides good sleeping feeling, keep our spine in natural alignment.
    -Double sides sleeping, can extend the service life of the mattress if turn over the mattress regularly.

Available in 3 sizes

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Dimensions 178 x 22 x 198 cm